The noir adventures of a demoness whose rebellion against the forces of Hell itself leads her to seek sanctuary on Earth as she sets about creating a new life for herself in the only town that will accept anybody…Brooklyn! Stripped of her powers, eternal youth and beauty, she is trapped in a prison of ruined flesh and banished. The cold war between heaven and hell heats up. This series mixes elements of dark humor and high drama for a roller-coaster ride of suspense and masterful storytelling!
Created, written and drawn by that master of femme fatales, Mr. James Webb!

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Psychosis Today! is a 21st century psychological horror magazine. These modern day fears are exposed by tapping the unspoken truths, the underlying horrors we all must endure. Each issue has 5 separate stories, exploring 5 different themes all by top talents in the indy comics community. Each story delivers on it’s premise, mixing unorthodox subject matter with traditional elements of horror to create stories of madness and mayhem. Weighing in at 56-pages of content each, they are the unparalleled Heavyweight champions of Modern Horror!
Somewhere between Madness and Mayhem lies…
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Shattered and broken the these stories cross all currents of time and place. They are a culling, a tear in the rational and expected world, bridging macabre nightmares with the ticking of a clock. Suspenseful to the last, throw away your expectations as Schizophrenia is an exploration of the bizarre, dank corners of the supernatural, etheric realms. Wander through 3 diverse, steam-driven nightmares brought to life by outstanding rising talents and seasoned professionals alike.
Unlock the deadbolt of your mind and release the nightmares within…

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Crimson Rose is a crime fiction that follows the daily routine of two officers from the New York’s inner city, and their constant battle against the crime families who hold all the cards. Their relationship with the department becomes strained as the escalating wave of gruesome deaths undermines their ability to solve these ultra-violent murders!
Created by Grey Williamson, Mark Mazz & N. Steven Harris.
AtlasUnleashed Adventure features Twin series delivering twice the Astonishment, twice the Suspense found anywhere else! These features are:

The Alternate Adventures of Annabelle Avery: In an 1880’s London where electricity has been outlawed, Annabelle is the niece of  Albert Avery, the Minister of Steam Technology for Her Majesty Queen Victoria.  When her uncle is mysteriously kidnapped, it is up to Annabelle and her new group of friends to find her Uncle while discovering her parent’s mysterious past! Created by Matt Kelly and Mike Gallagher
Tip of the Spear: Ultra-secret spy, Maximillian Cortés is the front line of U.S. operations drafted for missions no other agent could survive, he is the initial attack that draws first blood. A true patriot, Cortés reports to the ultra-covert U.S. government agency the Umbra, under the direction of Octavia Rothchilde. But Max Cortés has an undisclosed weapon in his war on terror, one he only uses when confronted by the supernatural!America’s Shadow War gets a whole lot darker in TIP OF THE SPEAR. Nothing is as it seems.
Created by Michael Anthony De Lepine and Aaron Palsmeier,
Tip of the Spear is told in a widescreen Sunday-strip format, stunningly unique in its execution!


The nomadic adventures of two infinitely lost pre-teen girlz, Hope and Grace who bring new luster to Generation Y attitude! How do they survive the wasteland of immoral predators we all live in now?
Created and written by Robert J. Sodaro!

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What does the Future hold for mankind? Will mankind be on a path to enlightenment and ascension…
or living in squalor and vice?   2112: Storyteller is a Futurist look at the human condition.
Which path do we choose?

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