Acevedo-Marzan — ‘A.D. Marzan’

After 10 years of Community Theatre and Off-Broadway acting, Acevedo-Marzan began his foray into comics as an artist’s model in the late 90s, serving as inspiration for character designs of Calendar Man – a Batman villain, a Daily Planet employee for Metropolis Secret Files, an espionage agency chief in Code Name: Knockout and most prominently as Taltos, a shape-shifting mercenary in Vampirella: Dangerous Games.

At the same time, his more literary pursuits focused on Alien Son X, a property developed in a workshop at The Studio run by Grey Williamson (of Grey Publishing). In addition, he was hired to interview several creators for The Studio Forum, a newsletter published by Mark Mazz. These included Blackjack creator Alex Simmons, Aztek illustrator N. Steven Harris, Tellos inker Rob Stull, Vampirella artist Louis Small, Jr. and The Studio’s point man, Grey Williamson, responsible for redesigning the costume of the Justice Society of America’s Mr. Terrific.

In the wake of 9/11, he continued writing while residing at Camp La Guardia, a shelter housing 1,001 homeless men. A second-hand laptop and screenwriting software helped in submitting Alien Son X to a dozen writing contests. The screenplay placed as a semi-finalist, finalist and received an honorable mention.

Within two years time, Acevedo-Marzan and artist N. Steven Harris produced three ashcan versions of Alien Son X, one of which is currently available from comiXpress.

Acevedo-Marzan studied how to write comics and graphic novels at NYU with both Danny Fingeroth and comics legend Dennis O’Neil.

Acevedo-Marzan’s “ANGRY, MAN!” is a darkly humorous 8-page story in Schizophrenia #1, illustrated by industry veteran Rusty Haller, edited by Mark Mazz and published through new independent publisher, Atlas Unleashed.

Date of Birth: March 14, 1962
Birthplace: The Bronx


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  1. Jose Torres Jr.

    Greetings Acevedo, hope all is well……Some years ago at the NYC Comic Con u autographed for me a few Vampirella 21 (Dangerous Games) pages directly onto ur page photo, Acevedo it would be an honor & privilege if u would have the time to autograph additional Vampirella 21 (Dangerous Games ) comics for me, and if okay I will cover all shipping cost to include a self-addressed with postage affixed return parcel…..I reside in Manhattan…..Thank u…..Jose


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