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Alan has been published in comics and prose, getting an excellent review in Comic Buyers Guide and having his self-published anthology (developed with illustrator Rammer Martinez) on display at The Baltimore Museum of Art. Alan’s animation has been projected onstage at the New York International Fringe Festival, commissioned by a Bollywood director, and used in boardrooms and music videos. Earlier this year, he published his first novel, Look At All The Happy Creatures, which is sort of like Animal Farm with a Philip K Dick psychedelic kick. He blogs regularly about Synchronicity and is currently editing a new book on the subject, called The Sync Book, due out on 9/11/2011. Synchronicity is also at the heart of a graphic novel Alan is writing called Squares That Touch. With two issues already finished, Squares That Touch is coming together beautifully, mostly because of the interior illustrations by Alan’s wife Melissa and the cover illustrations by Peter Palmiotti.

Alan’s website:
Look At All The Happy Creatures novel on Amazon.

My Books:
Squares That Touch:
Squares That Touch is a graphic novel I’m writing that will be drawn by Peter Palmiotti. Currently in production.

Look At All The Happy Creatures:
A big project – the current focus of a lot of my attention.This can be read as an online novel or viewed as a storybook-style video adaptation by going to

(t)here Magazine #10:
A fashion magazine that printed four pages of a flip-comic I did as part of a 24-hour art jam.

Comic Laudromat: Sampler ’06: An ashcan Rammer Martinez and I did that included Tile Trinity and a 4-page untitled comic about the Mohammed caricatures. This little ashcan that could had a great write up in Comic Buyer’s Guide #1621.

Psychosis! #1: Co-created and co-laidout (with Rammer Martinez) and scripted the 8-page comic Desperate Skins for GuildWorksProductions’ horror anthology. Illustrated by Rammer Martinez and inked by Peter Palmiotti.

Comicbook Artists Guild Anthology #4: The CAG anthology printed an 8-page comic I did with Rammer Martinez.

The Mind’s Overflow: An out-of-print anthology I published with Rammer Martinez.
Featuring Jeff Plotkin (Happy Freak Show), Philip Clark (Quantum: Rock of Ages), Christian Read (Star Wars Tales, The Watch), Travus Fox (Foxymoron), Mary Wiebe, Miguel Ortega, Matt Huynh (STiKMAN), Howard Tuckey, Billy Horn, Matthew Scott Carr and a cover by painter Joe Kelly.
This was our first venture into comics publishing and was on display at the Baltimore Museum of Art as part of the Cram Sessions: 02 Dark Matter exhibit.

Date of Birth: December 31st
Birthplace: Queens, NY

E-mail: aabbadessa_at_gmail_dot_com
Facebook: Alan Green



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