Alexander Rivera

Alex Rivera is an American comic book artist specializing in Inking. Born in Manhattan, he was raised in the South Bronx. Alex’s first experience with comics dates back to when he was 5. His brother had just brought home an issue of Superman, and it really caught Alex’s attention. So charged was the moment that Alex immediately set out to trace the images he saw jumping off the page. The experience was to propel him to become an artist working in comics.
Alex started his art career studying comics at one of New York City’s most prestigious specialized public high schools, Fiorello LaGuardia High School in Manhattan. Alex made it a point to specialize his work with a respectful focus on two of his greatest influences, Dick Giordano, and Terry Austin. Sometimes referred to as the High School of Music and Art, Alex graduated in 1974, looking to break into the field at the big two North American publishers.
At the age of 25, Alex tried showing his work at Marvel Comics and met with Carl Potts. Potts explained the hard truth about his current work and what needed to be done. Still looking for work, Alex tried his hand at DC Comics and met with one of his influences, Dick Giordano. Giordano saw some promise in Alex, and explained many different aspects of what he was doing right and what needed work. The meeting ended with Giordano explaining that Alex wasn’t ready yet, and this sparked a hope in Alex that he’d eventually master those elusive techniques.
Opportunity knocked when he met James Rodriguez at a Big Apple comic convention in NY. James liked the samples Alex had brought, and convinced him to keep working at it and try independent publishers. One year later, James ran into Alex when they both were working at Peck’s Office Plus. Alex had started a family by then and was sticking it out perfecting his craft at night. James has just started penciling an independent series called Quantum, Rock of the Ages created by Phil Clark. This chance encounter lead to James requesting Alex as his inker for Quantum. Phil Clark agreed and Alex was busy starting his first inking job with a creator whom he’d already befriended.

Alex lined up his next gig through an online ad for an inker. Jay Rosario of Unstoppable Comics had posted looking for an inker to finish off the pencils of The Stormchasers #2, in 2006. With each job, Alex continually strived to put his best work forward on his current assignment. The independents publishers have lined up since then with Alex working for Atlas Unleashed, Comic Book Artist Guild, Dreamchilde Press, Free Lunch Comics, Guild Works Publications, and Jolly Rogue Studios. Alex has inked numerous issues of Sky Pirates of Valendor working with series penciler Brian Brinlee. Alex has even become the inker for the web-series of Sky Pirates, again working with Brinlee.

In 2009, Alex was recognized by the independent community for his art by winning the “Best Inker Award” from the Comic Book Artist Guild Awards. Alex lives in the Bronx with his loving and supportive wife, Yadira.

Date of Birth: July 9th, 1957
Birthplace: Manhattan, NY

E-mail: ayrivera at verizon dot net

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