J. M. DeSantis

J. M. DeSantis is a writer and illustrator of fantasy and horror stories. J.M. is a Pratt Institute graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a major in computer animation.

In 2008, J.M. got his start in comics as a member of the Comicbook Artists Guild. J.M. penciled the final chapter of a three-part story, The Commander, which was published in CAG Anthology #7. It was through his association with this editorial team that several other assignments led to other work. J.M. has been published by Heavy Metal magazine, Planet Lovecraft Magazine, and in two other CAG anthologies, Iconic and the sci-fi prose book Worlds Beyond.

Additionally, J.M. has had two stories published through the online website, Drunk Duck. These include, “The Vigil” with writer Scott Scheaffer and his own illustrated story, “Devil Tree”. These projects led J.M. to develop a forest-based fantasy realm of fantastic creatures called the Figmunds in 2010 which can be found at: Figmunds.com

During 2010, Mark Mazz asked J.M. if he would write and pencil a short story for his new venture, Atlas Unleashed. J.M. delivered, “The Switch” which was published in Psychosis Today! #4 for that same editorial team which he worked with on his first published story.

J.M. has been nominated twice by the Comicbook Artists Guild Awards for both Best New Talent (2008), and Best Artist (2010). To see a more complete list of his work (especially his non-comic work), visit his official website: www.jmdesantis.com.

Date of Birth: November 2nd
Birthplace: New Jersey

Website: http://www.jmdesantis.com

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