Nathaniel Baker

Nathaniel (Nathan) Baker is a US comic-book writer, a resident of Manville, New Jersey and a graduate of Jefferson High School, Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia. He’s currently an writer at Atlas Unleashed, a publishing company of independent comics that is based in New York State. His first published story, Static Lullaby appeared in April 2010, in an anthology of suspense thrillers from the independent publisher, Atlas Unleashed. Static Lullaby is the initial story in of an on-going series of short stories by Baker that are slated to appear in Schizophrenia.

In 2008, Baker had two of his short stories (Rose Against the Moon, and Fear of a Stranger) published online through his own website It was during this time that he also began to write comicbook reviews for other industry websites, including, and

This work brought him to the attention of Shawnti Therrian (publisher, Immortal Gothic), and artist Lee Roy Lopez. Baker later began to working with a pair of Indie comicbook publishers (Speakeasy Primates, and Atlas Unleashed). With Speakeasy he met Randy Pare who publishes his own online e-zine RKYV and published Baker’s short story entitled, Sam in Love, as well as Rose Against the Moon.

Baker is a contributing writer to under the tutelage of Therrien. Together they have reinvented his short, Rose Against the Moon, into a prose-and-graphics novella for the site. This story is part of a larger universe, which is in development with the artistic expertise of Mike Mars. Baker is currently working on a series about dreams and the loss of innocence with the help of Erin Rabideua. The title should make a debut in the coming year at a publisher to be announced.

Date of Birth: December 4, 1985
Birthplace: Morgantown, WV


Writer: Schizophrenia (2010) #1

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