Schizophrenia #1 preview

Unlock the deadbolt of your mind and release the nightmares within!
Each issue of Schizophrenia is an exploration of several darkly humorous, weird nightmares. Schizophrenia discusses the bizarre, dank corners of the supernatural, etheric realms. A few months after the completion of the Angry Man origin story in this issue, co-creator Rusty Haller passed away due to complications with Type 1 diabetes. We have dedicated this issue to one of the most industrious and beloved of the Atlas Unleashed associates, Rusty Haller!

Graphic stories by:
Nathan Baker, Shawnti Therrien, Acevedo-Marzan, Rusty Haller, Rich Terdoslavich,
mark mazz, James Webb, Robert J. Sodaro and Fred Hembeck

Angry Man is trademark and © 2010 Acevedo-Marzan and Rusty Haller.
Static Lullaby is trademark and © 2010 Nathan Baker and Shawnti Therrien. All rights reserved.

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