Sunday strips wrapped in a PDF

We’ve always loved the Sunday comics and newspaper strips, for their ability to transport us to the familiar as well as the exotic. Classics strips like Peanuts, Brenda Starr, Krazy Kat, Johnny Hart’s B.C., Star Hawks, Dick Tracy, Calvin and Hobbes, Prince Valiant, Mutt & Jeff, The Spirit, and Dondi have entertained millions. In this digital age, newspapers have started reinventing themselves. A result of this is the disappearance of these comics strips from their papers, both in print and in digital form.

The “comic-book” is an out-growth of newspaper strips, as printers in the 1930’s just added and extra fold and trim to the Sunday strips to create the comic-book format. It’s well-known that the newspaper strip was wrapped on the outside of Sunday newspapers starting in the Great Depression because they were used as a tool to sell papers... and for decades they did!

So we’ve felt a real sense of loss for where comics came from.
With that in mind, we present to you our full-page Sunday strips from Atlas Unleashed!

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