Why Atlas Unleashed?

Why Atlas Unleashed?

I’ve gotten that question more than any other. See Bob Sodaro, Ed Traquino, Shawnti Therrien and our very own prince of business Ed Pereira and I have all worked together before. What made us want to start all over again?

Atlas Unleashed

It’s really all in the definition… it’s as though someone put a 1080p Blu-Ray disc in front of you when you were watching the Apollo moon-landing on an old black and white RCA console. They just don’t measure up because they are different things. Different media to tell stories, with different avenues of technology to advance them. Atlas Unleashed is all about living up to that potential, about befriending technology and it’s incessant march to help make a better world.


See I often get asked about our brand and the name Atlas. Some have jokingly called us a map company, and it’s true we are mapping out a different future from the worn path of storytellers before us. Others have pushed up their biceps in the hopes that we are looking for the next Charles Atlas. Surprisingly, Atlas Unleashed is about adding strength to our stories and themes to our works. But Atlas Unleashed is more about what will be as a result of our creative endeavors, the natural out-growth of passing a verbal history from a shaman to his tribe and keeping the art of the telling alive. Our stories will have impact and meaning. They will play to tone and verse. With Atlas Unleashed you will get a distilled finessed story-spine, along with the punctuation which makes it ring true for a new age, a new generation of dreamers.

Yes, Atlas Unleashed is a direct homage to the 1957 Ayn Rand book, Atlas Shrugged. In the Rand novel the core of society’s anima finds itself imprisoned by the governmental controls placed on it. Specifically the innovators, the inventors, the dreamers are turned away from expression by the imperial state. More to the point, they are demonized for their creative ability. Atlas Shrugged explores the depths of destruction that results from coerced self-sacrifice, and the contempt of society for innovators. The novel explores the horrific results of pushing creativity under the rug.

In a reference to the Greek titan Atlas, we are suggesting that if the weight of the world was removed from his shoulders what unbound creative endeavors could be accomplished? If innovation, inspiration and creativity were… unleashed what wonders would the world behold? We hope to find out.

Atlas Unleashed!
—mark mazz, 2009


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